Dr. P.K. Souri Honored for Forty-Five Years of Service to Barnesville Hospital

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A retirement celebration was held for Dr. P.K. Souri on January 12, 2019 to recognize him for his illustrious career. In attendance were his Barnesville Hospital Family, medical colleagues and community members. John Rataiczak, Barnesville Hospital Foundation Board, served as Master of Ceremonies.

David Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Barnesville Hospital stated, “Dr. Souri set the gold standard for others to aspire to. He was knowledgeable, had a true love of medicine and put others before himself.” Phillips also thanked Dr. Souri’s family for sharing him with the Hospital.

“Dr. Souri exemplified a life of service which was built on caring, compassion, selflessness and intellect,” said Bill Frank, Barnesville Hospital Board of Trustees. Frank also marveled at how things have changed since 1973 when Dr. Souri arrived in Barnesville, but that Dr. Souri had been a constant, caring for others during this time.

The theme of Dr. Souri’s compassion, dedication and genuine caring resonated throughout the night. Dr. David Hilliard, Chief of Staff, Barnesville Hospital, spoke of how Dr. Souri was always courteous and treated everyone with respect and he was always there when you needed him.

Dr. Himalaya Patcha came to Barnesville because of Dr. Souri and said how much Dr. Souri’s support, guidance and mentoring has meant over the years.

Family members Ramesh Subramaniam and Rashmee Souri-Graczyk spoke of their love and respect for Dr. Souri. He always encouraged others to set a goal and achieve it. Dr. Souri made a difference in all of the lives he has touched throughout his career.

At the end of the evening Dr. Souri was presented with several letters of Commendation from the Belmont County Medical Society, Ohio State Medical Society and Ohio Hospital Association.

“I enjoyed every moment of my medical career”, said Dr. P.K. Souri. “The advice I give to others is to continue the legacy of quality caring.”

Dr. P.K Souri will continue to remain involved with Barnesville Hospital by serving on the Barnesville Hospital Board of Trustees.

Photo: Dr. P.K. Souri and John Ratiaczak, Barnesville Hospital Foundation Board