Updated Visitation Policy


General Visitation:

      • Visitors will be screened upon entry to the building and must be masked at all times.
      • Social distancing requirements to be maintained.
      •  Clinical staff may request visitor not be president in areas with limited space.
      • The only area that will be allowing visitors to enter the clinical area are inpatient (admitted), unless exception guidelines are met.
      • Each patient will be allowed only one visitor per day
      •  Visitors are to stay in patient rooms at all time and may not travel to common areas such as the cafeteria, gift shop, etc.
      •  Visitation is not permitted for the COVID-19(+) and PUI (person under investigation) unless specific case exceptions apply.
      •  No Visitors will be permitted in the ER.
      • Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
      • Hospital access on the weekends will be restricted to the ER entrance from 3:00PM Friday through 6:00AM Monday morning.
      • Local epidemiologic and supply factors can override these changes at any time.