How skilled care at WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital can help take care of you…..


WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital offers 24 hour nursing care and rehabilitation services. The skilled care department provides excellent round the clock care with therapies such as physical, occupational, speech, nutritional, and other restorative therapies.

Want to hear more about our skilled care department?

Take a look at this recovery story from Tim Ackerman, one of our former patients.

“I would like to begin with my first experience with Barnesville Hospital which was as a child for appendicitis, also for accident with tractor running over my leg and even then I was treated like family. Then 4 years ago I thought I was having a heart attack and came to ER where Dr. Baum was on duty and he knew immediately that it was not a heart attack but an aortic dissection and because of his fast response in care and transferring me out and I survived this life threatening event.

So when I had my accident on June 22, 2019 with my world being turned upside down from an Ultralight plane wreck I was Life flighted to Morgantown where I spent 3 weeks following several surgeries and recovering from a broken tibia and fibula bilaterally, broken femur bilaterally, shattered right ankle, pelvic fracture, rib fractures, and concussion, so when it was time to be moved to a Skilled Facility Dr.Baum was willing to take on the challenge and brought to Barnesville Hospital.

To say the least I was scared to think what this was going to entail as I was in so much pain and was unable to even sit up in bed but I can honestly say it was the best move I made for my recovery. Once I arrived at Barnesville Hospital I was welcomed with open arms by all. Honestly could not ask for a more professional and dedicated staff from nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietary and even housekeeping personnel. Everyone was always very helpful and kind.

You could say there were times I thought I would not be able to do what the therapists were asking of me but with their encouragement, Miles Jefferis and Dr. Baum’s encouragement it was a well paved road to recovery. I cannot say enough about how professional and motivating everyone was because without them I definitely would not have made it through. Feeling at home and feeling that I had family around me at all times with the way the staff treated me and my immediate family I was able to eventually go home and continue my therapy as an outpatient. What a great feeling it was.

To say I was lucky to be able to return home to Barnesville Hospital would be an understatement. Barnesville Hospital is a staple for this community and surrounding communities and we are so lucky to have such professional, dedicated and family oriented people working here. I thank everyone daily for all their dedication and personal attention I received while in the hospital. Thank you all and continue doing the great job you do every day. May God Bless you all.”

Picture: Tim Ackerman