WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital earns ASHE`s Gold Standard Award for Energy Savings

News Press Release

BARNESVILLE, OHIO WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital has earned the American Hospital Association Gold Standard Award for Health Care Facility Energy Savings.

“We at Barnesville Hospital are very honored to have received this award,” John Puterbaugh, Facilities Director, said. “We strive to be a part of the effort to achieve the highest energy efficiency as an organization and remain committed to projects that further this effort.”

The Energy to Care Award honors health care facilities that reduce energy consumption by 10% in a single year or 15% over two years. The program also recognizes previous award winners that reduce energy consumption by 5% in a single year.

Saving energy is beneficial through many ways. Using less energy reduces emissions; LED lighting increases the amount of healthy lighting and comfort ability in our buildings, and reduces energy costs. Not only does saving energy benefit the hospital, but it provides a cleaner, healthier environment for our patients, our community, and our planet.

ASHE’s Energy to Care Program is a confidential and complimentary energy reduction program that helps health care facilities track, manage and communicate energy savings.

We are very appreciative of the work that companies such as AEP, OHA, and ASHE have done to make this award possible and for the day-to-day work of our very own Wes Doudna, Maintenance Supervisor, who helps us continue to achieve energy efficiency.

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