WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital Physical Therapy Department can impact your recovery….

Press Release

BARNESVILLE, OHIO – Robert Powell started his recovery journey at Barnesville Hospital in early January of 2020 following his back surgery in October 2019. He chose Barnesville Hospital because of the good things he heard regarding the department and the proximity to home.

“Initially, Robert was only mobile in his wheelchair and transferred with two people and a walker,” said, Rana Anderson, Physical Therapist and Jaime Temple, Physical Therapist Assistant. “He could walk 45 feet with a wheeled walker requiring two people for assistance.” Mr. Powell`s legs and back were also stiff and weak which made him apprehensive with walking.


WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital Physical Therapy (PT) Department offers a variety of therapeutic strengthening, stretching, aerobic and isometric exercises, designed to maximize recovery of function following an illness or injury.

Our highly trained and educated Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants provide individualized, one on one treatment. These areas of special training/interest include concussion, balance/vestibular, and sports injuries

Mr. Powell continued physical therapy for almost five months. Anderson and Temple said, “The therapy staff and Robert worked diligently to improve range of motion, balance, walking, strength through one on one individualized sessions lasting 60-90 minutes in length.”

Mr. Powell described his experience as helpful, friendly, and professional. Mr. Powell said, “I recommend anybody needing physical therapy, give Barnesville Hospital a try.”

When we asked Mr. Powell what stood out to him the most regarding his treatment, he said, “It was the Physical Therapists, I was very impressed with their knowledge and work ethics.”

At the end of his treatment Robert`s walking improved significantly and he was able to walk with a quad cane over 200 feet with one supervising therapist. “Robert was very determined to achieve his goals and a pleasure to work with each session,” said Anderson and Temple.

Mr. Powell said, “Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the therapists who helped me walk again.”


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