WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital combats against COVID-19

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BARNESVILLE, OHIO – WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital has been acquiring additional protective equipment to help the hospital combat against COVID-19.

WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital received grant funding through the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley – Belmont County Enrichment Fund to purchase six Controlled Air Purifying Respirators (CAPRS). “The CAPR`s will be a fantastic addition to our response to airborne illnesses.” Kim Young, Infection Control Coordinator, said. “The equipment is much lighter, more up to date, and easier to use than the previous system.”

In addition to getting the six CAPRS, WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital also obtained several UV boxes outside of the grant money. The UV boxes allow hospital staff to disinfect N95 masks internally saving the hospital crucial time. Young said, “The UV light boxes have given staff the comfort in knowing they can disinfect their N95 on a regular basis rather than sending the masks out to Battelle for cleaning.”

The equipment not only allows for an extra layer of protection but also piece of mind for staff tending to COVID-19 patients. “We have continued to take several precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.” David Phillips, president and CEO of Barnesville Hospital, said. “With the pandemic continuing our hospital is in need of all PPE.”

For example, in one months’ time Barnesville Hospital uses 1,000+ masks. The additional funding, we receive helps to offset some of the costs due to the increase in supplies needed.

WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital will continue to be proactive in acquiring new protective equipment to help keep our patients and staff safe against COVID-19.

For more information, please visit http://www.barnesvillehospital.com/

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