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Contact Information

If you have a problem or question regarding the website, please send EMail to: webmaster@barnesvillehospital.com.

Please feel free to call us (all numbers are in the 740 area code) or click a link to send EMail:
Main Number425-3941
Chief Financial Officer425-5116
Chief Operating Officer425-5109
Chief Nursing Officer425-5169
Cardiopulmonary Services425-5137
Compliance Officer425-5053
Diagnostic Imaging425-5114
Human Resources425-5103
Information Systems425-5799
Medical Records425-5106
Outreach & Education425-5158
Quality/Risk Management425-5111
Rehabilitation Services425-5110
Social Services425-5112
Utilization Review425-5155
Quick Connect425-5145
Patient Direct Connect425-5045
Medical Staff Services425-5138
Barnesville Hospital Foundation425-5789
Belmont Professional Associates425-5176
Morristown Pharmacy and HomeCare782-1230