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Patient and Visitor Information

Welcome to BarnesvilleHospital.com. Our entire staff, working closely with the physicians, is concerned with making every patient's stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Because you may not be familiar with Barnesville Hospital, we have prepared this informational page to acquaint you with our facility, policies, and procedures. We trust that this will answer many of your questions. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to ask. Remember: we are here, because we care about you.

Telephones: Friends and family may dial 425-5045 with the appropriate extension number for a direct connect to your room, or may call 425-3941 to utilize the hospital switchboard operator. The patient extension numbers are posted on the bulletin board to give to friends & family. Patient direct calling is only allowed between 7AM and 9PM. Patients admitted to CCU will not receive direct calls. Those calls will always go first to the CCU nursing station.
Cellular phones are not permitted to be operational inside clinical areas of the hospital.

Food Service: Patients are served breakfast between 7:30AM and 8:00AM, lunch between 11:30Am and 12:00PM, and dinner between 4:30PM and 5:00PM. In special circumstances, a patient's family member may request to have their meal delivered to the patient room. This must be done in advance and a bill will be sent on the tray for which the visitor will be asked to pay in the cafeteria.
The cafeteria at Barnesville Hospital is open daily from 7:30AM to 10:00AM, 11:30AM to 2:00PM, and 4:30PM to 6:00PM. While it is designed to serve hospital employees, visitors are welcome to eat in the cafeteria at any time it is open.
The coffee shop is open 24 hours a day. It offers a variety of beverages, snacks, and sandwiches, hot or cold. It is located on the first floor.

Smoking: Barnesville Hospital is a tobacco free facility. For more information, please see the link regarding our Tobacco Policy under Information.

Visiting Hours: Visitors can be good medicine for patients. Family members and friends are welcome to visit. However, patient care is our primary concern at Barnesville Hospital, and in order to enhance the quality of care, specific visiting hours and regulations have been established. Visiting hours and regulations are posted throughout the hospital. Please follow these guidelines. If you need additional information, please check with the nurse on the unit.

Visiting regulations: The following are general guidelines for visitors:

  • Visitors may not smoke anywhere on the hospital campus
  • Visitors must dress appropriately and must wear shirts & shoes
  • No more than two visitors are allowed at the bedside at a time. Visitors in semi-private rooms should be considerate of both patients
  • People with colds, sore throats, or any contagious diseases should not visit patients
  • Visits should be kept short
  • Visitors should maintain a quiet environment and avoid unnecessary noise
  • Visitors may be asked to leave the room during tests or treatments or when the doctor or nurse needs to see the patient
  • Liberal visiting arrangements may be made for families of pediatric patients or terminally ill patients

Condition Reports: Any personal information about patients' diagnoses and treatments must come from the attending physician, and this information is only available to immediat family members whom have been designated to receive it.

Gifts for Patients: Because many patients are on special diets, visitors should check with the nurse on duty before bringing gifts of food or drink to patients. They should check with the nurse to ensure the gift is appropriate.

Parking: Free parking is available for use by our patients and families. There are designated handicapped spaces which should be used only for that purpose. No vehicle should be parked in the area designated for ER parking or in the Emergency Room entrance. If something happens which causes you to need assistance with your vehicle, please ask someone in Registration to call Environmental Services for you.

Waiting Areas: There are specially designated lounge areas for visitors on each patient floor and in the lobby on the main floor. During certain hours, a volunteer hostess is on duty in the surgery waiting room to keep family members informed about the progress of surgery. The James B. Peters Patio is an outdoor lounge open to patients and their families during fair weather.

Gift Shop: The Gift Shop, staffed by volunteers, is open from 10AM to 8PM Monday through Friday, 10AM to 5PM on Saturday, and 1PM to 5PM Sundays. The shop has gift items, jewelry, magazines, greeting cards, candy, toiletries, and flowers. Proceeds from all sales are donated to the hospital. The Gift Shop can be reached by phone at extension 3314.

Special Communications needs: A telecommunications device (TTY terminal) is available in the Emergency Department to help hearing impaired patients, or patients who wish to communicate with a hearing impaired relative or friend. Arrangements can also be made to have a person who uses sign language help a hearing impaired or deaf patient. If a patient's eyesight is limited, they can ask any member of our staff to assist them by reading written information. The hospital has access to interpreters for a number of foreign languages, should a patient require it.

Emergency Codes: During your stay or visit to Barnesville Hospital, we strive to provide a safe and secure environment. However, in the event an internal or external situation should occur, the hospital has standardized emergency action step to handle such situations. During the implementation of these steps you may hear an overhead announcement made by the hospital operator. It would begin with the word "code", followed by a color or word. These codes are standardized by the Ohio Hospital Association in an effort to enhance communications across the state. The definitions of these codes are listed below:

Code RedFire
Code AdamInfant/Child Abduction
Code BlackBomb/Bomb Threat
Code GraySevere Weather
Code OrangeHazardous Material Spill/Release
Code BlueMedical Emergency - Adult
Code PinkMedical Emergency - Pediatric
Code YellowDisaster
Code VioletViolent/Combative Patient
Code SilverPerson with Weapon/Hostage
Code BrownMissing Adult Person
Code PurpleBioterrorism

Driving Directions:
From Interstate 70: Take the OH-800 exit (exit 202 on Interstate 70), Barnesville/Dennison. Turn onto OH-800 south (left from 70W, right from 70E) and drive 5.7 miles. At the second traffic light, turn right onto West Main Street and drive 0.6 miles to the hospital

From Route 800: Travel on OH-800 until you reach the Rt. 800/West Main Street intersection (there is a Wesbanco bank on the corner), turn onto West Main Street and drive 0.6 miles to the hospital