Radiology / Diagnostic Imaging

Barnesville Hospital is very proud to have a high-quality Diagnostic Imaging department on our team. The department’s stated mission is to “Strive to utilize knowledge and skill to provide safe and controlled radiation exposures and to image appropriate studies with clinical efficiency and cost-effective examinations, generating optimal patient care to our customers and the community.”

Barnesville Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging department is available to assist you. Our staff are all Board Certified and specialize in multi-modalities. We consist of Board-Certified Registered Radiologic and Mammography Technologists, and Registered Ultrasound Technologists. We have Board-Certified Interpreting Radiologists (physicians) provided by Radiology Associates, Inc.

Radiologist are interpreting our imaging studies either on-site or remotely, 24/7/365. They will communicate their findings to your referring physician. Diagnostic services available are: Mammography, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy/Barium studies, and Radiography.


Computerized Axial Tomography

Computerized Axial Tomography, also known as a CAT scan, is a leading technology in providing imaging of the entire anatomy of a patient. This is a high resolution imaging, allowing for precise and more accurate diagnosis to be provided in a very minimal amount of time. A CT scan uses computer processing and low radiation to visualize organs and anatomy. Emergent exams with critical timing such as CT Head to rule out a stroke is very common.

We perform studies with contrast upon physician request. This is used to enhance blood vessels and organ function. You may receive contrast via orally or IV.


Digital Radiography (Xray)

These images are obtained by sending small doses of radiation through the area of interest, behind which a digital receiver is placed. The images can be made to show both the skeletal system and the digestive system. We utilize the latest technology, allowing for digital imaging to be immediately available for viewing after the exposure is made.


Ultrasound (Sonography)

The Ultrasound units produce images using high frequency sound waves. The density of the organ being examined is what produces the contrast of the image via sound wave. Ultrasound services include cardiac, breast, small parts, as well as abdominal and vascular. We provide ultrasound on patients 17+ years old. Pediatric studies are not performed at Barnesville Hospital. There is no radiation with Ultrasound services.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Barnesville Hospital currently has a mobile unit for MRI that provides services to us 2 days per week. This equipment uses a large bore magnet to receive information from each patient. There is no radiation involved in this modality, and therefore allows for risk-free imaging, with exception to individuals who have artificial devices/implants such as staples, pacemakers, metal in the eye, stents, etc.

Our MRI Units have a 1.5 Tesla magnet, which provides higher resolution, creates a crisper image, and faster scan time, reducing the length of the whole exam considerably. The MRI is best used for imaging of soft tissue neural anatomy (brain, spinal cord, vertebral discs) and intra-articlar anatomy, such as ligaments, menisci, etc.



A mammogram is a low dosage x-ray of each breast that is carefully evaluated by a radiologist. Mammography can reveal harmless and abnormal growths when they are too small to be felt by you or your physician.

Mammograms make it possible to detect tumors that cannot be felt or micro calcifications (tiny deposits of calcium in the breast) that sometimes indicate the presence of breast cancer. The exam is performed with a specially trained and registered technologist, and a board certified radiologist will read the exam and issue a report to your physician. You will receive written notification of the results within 30 days via mail.

Barnesville Hospital offers mammograms Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM and we offer evening hours on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


Additional Information

We can transmit your images digitally to your specialist appointment upon request. You also can request a copy of your study to be burnt onto a DVD. Barnesville Hospital accepts orders for outpatient diagnostic services from physicians practicing in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make an appointment, please call Barnesville Hospital at (740) 425-5114.