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Diagnostic Imaging


Ultrasound image
Ultrasound showing developing twins)

    An Ultrasound machine is similar to other Diagnostic Imaging equipment, in that an image is created using waves. The difference with Ultrasound, however, is that these waves are sound waves, and unlike most other equipment, it uses no radioactivity. The Ultrasound unit produces images using soundwaves that returns information to the equipment from the patients body. The machine emits a sound too high-pitched to be heard by human ears, which passes harmlessly through the skin. The density of the organ being examined is what produces the contrast of the image via soundwave, which is picked up by a handheld device.

    The Ultrasound machine is commonly used to check on the progress of a developing fetus inside its mother. It can show, in real-time, the movements and position of the fetus, and can aid in detecting development problems well before birth.

    An Ultrasound is also common for Cardiac patients as well as many others. It can be used to show arterial and venous systems, to make sure they are functioning properly. Ultrasound can also be used to find kidney stones, gall bladder stones, to locate cysts, and for tumor biopsy.

Cardiac Function Chart
(Cardiac Function Chart)

         Nuclear Medicine contributes to the diagnosis with the ability to demonstrate physiological functions by injecting radiopharmaceuticals into the patient's bloodstream. We are able to provide localization of digestive bleeding, search for primary/secondary metastases of cancer, and localization of small fractures that are unable to be visualized on plain film. One the newer services we provide through this unit is Cardiac Function Imaging. We perform these studies while working with the ordering physician on evaluating the amount of stress a patient's heart is able to tolerate, and also check for any irregularities.

MRI gantry
(MRI Machine)
MRI image of a head
(MRI of a Head)

    Barnesville Hospital currently has a mobile unit for MRI that provides services to us 2 days per week. This equipment uses a very large bore magnet to receive information from each individual's protons and neutrons transported back and creating the images. Each type of tissue/bone/fluid had a different return value, and that is what provides the resolution of the image. There is no radiation involved in this modality, and therefore allows for risk-free imaging, with exception to individuals who have artificial devices/implants such as staples, pacemakers, metal in the eye, stents, etc.

    Our MRI machine has a 1.5 Tesla magnet, which provides higher resolution, creates a crisper image, and faster scan time, reducing the length of the whole exam considerably. The MRI is best used for imaging of soft tissue neural anatomy (brain,spinal cord, vertebral discs) and intra-articlar anatomy, such as ligaments, menisci, etc.

Diagnostic imaging employee
(Tiffany Hart-Gatten, RT, R.M., Mammography QA Technologist)

    A Picture Archival and Communication System, more commonly known as a PACS, enables images, such as X-rays and scans, to be stored electronically and viewed on computer monitors so that doctors and other health care professionals can access the information and compare it with previous images at the touch of a button. Barnesville Hospital implemented FujiFilm Medical Systems' Synapse PACS system in September of 2006.

    PACS images and scans are available instantly -- because thay are transmitted directly from the modality to the server, instantly. Patient digital images are stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant database. By storing these images on a computer, they are clearer and easier to manipulate. This can lead to improved diagnosis and better overall care. Because images do not need to be transported by hand, they cannot be lost, and can be examined by different physicians at different locations at the same time. The images can also be written to a CD/DVD for patients and referring physicians to open on their own PCs, when requested.

    Barnesville Hospital accepts orders for outpatient diagnostic services from over 275 physicians practicing in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. These physicians practice in facilities such as OVMC, Wheeling Medical Park, Ohio State Medical Center, Riverside Hospital, Grant Medical Center, West Virginia University Hospital, Allegheny Hospital, UPMC, Presbyterian Hospital, and many more.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make an appointment, please call Barnesville Hospital at (740) 425-5114.