Barnesville Hospital’s Dietary department is located on the first floor, next to the Laboratory, and across from the Pharmacy. Dietary is staffed from 5:30AM to 7:00PM. The cafeteria has a capacity of 30 persons.

The primary purpose of the Dietary department is to provide a well-balanced, nutritionally adequate diet for each patient, following the orders of the physician. Menus are planned in accordance with the approved diet manual of the hospital. The diet manual is updated as new recommendations are given, at least every three years.

It is the aim of the department to serve a blend of home-cooked foods and ready-prepared heat & serve items that are characteristic of the area. Food is served in an attractive manner, as effectively as possible, at both safe and appetizing temperatures, following accepted practices. The department makes every attempt possible to consider patients’ likes and dislikes. Dietary also provides meals to visitors and employees through the cafeteria. Cafeteria menus generally follow the regular patient menus with some variations.


Meals on Wheels Program:

A Meals-On-Wheels program for the Barnesville community is provided by a joint effort between the Dietary and Volunteer departments. Dietary provides one meal per weekday adhering to specific standards for the meals, while volunteers are responsible for food delivery, bill delivery, and collection. Dietary is also responsible for the billing of these meals.


The department provides inpatient and outpatient, individual, and group nutrition education. Inpatient nutrition education is provided by the Dietitian. Outpatient nutrition consultation is provided by the Dietitian upon receiving a written order from the physician. The Dietary department realize the importance of involvement of a family in a patient’s lifestyle; family members are encouraged to join a patient in nutrition education sessions. The department also provides group nutrition classes to the Cardiac Rehabilitation program, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and other community education programs organized occasionally.

Education is a priority for the Dietary Staff. Inservices are held monthly and PRN on topics such as diets, food preparation, equipment, and food-borne illnesses. The Dietary staff have patient safety as their Number One priority. Food temperatures are checked from entry through serving. The staff monitors food for quality. The staff are inserviced to serve the “right” diet with the correct portions. Staff safety is valued in the department. Inservices are held on the correct use of equipment, body mechanics, and infection control.