The Pharmacy Department is located on the first floor of the hospital, adjacent to the storeroom. The Pharmacy is open from 7:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through Friday, and 7:00AM to 4:30PM on weekends and holidays.


It is the purpose of the Pharmacy to provide high quality pharmaceutical services to all patients in a safe, effective, and economical manner.

The department is responsible for the provision of the following comprehensive services:

  1. The procurement, storage, compounding, dispensing, and control of all pharmaceutical products used by Barnesville Hospital

  2. The clinical monitoring, therapeutic evaluation, and performance improvement activities involving medication usage with an emphasis toward medication safety and medication error reduction

  3. The evaluation and dissemination of drug information to hospital staff and patients


The primary objectives of these functions are to improve patient outcomes and ensure quality patient care by working in collaboration with other hospital departments.

Ohio state law mandates that only a licensed Registered Pharmacist dispense medications. He or she may be employed on a full or part time basis, as provided by the hospital. Additional pharmacists and technical support personnel are added to the staff as needed to ensure adequate pharmacy service.

The Department of Pharmacy provides medication to approximately 50 patients (combined inpatient & outpatient) per day. The department dispenses roughly 180,000 doses annually to meet the needs of these patients which range in age from pediatric to geriatric.


Pharmacists now part of clinical team:

The pharmacists at Barnesville Hospital may be seeing more of you while you are in the hospital. We are now working with physicians on morning rounds in order to make suggestions about your medications. Why is this necessary? A recent study at the Harvard School of Public Health showed that when pharmacists participate in patient rounds, there is a significant decrease in the number of adverse drug events.


Use our Universal Medications Form to make a list of your drugs.
Making a list of your medications can help prevent problems and adverse reactions when you need to come to the hospital. We have an easy to use form to list your medications. Keep this form updated at all times and you can take it to your doctor appointments as well as any hospital visits.