Recover @ Home

The award-winning “Quality Caring” team at Barnesville Hospital is ready to care for you during the recovery phase following an extended hospital stay or major surgical procedure.

Skilled Care

Barnesville Hospital provides quality skilled nursing and rehabilitative care with warmth, attentiveness, and a focus on the full range of personal needs. The goal of our “Recover at Home” program is to provide the highest quality of care to patients while facilitating their transition, as quickly and safely as possible, from hospital to home. A key component of success in attaining this goal to return home is the involvement of family.

Generally, care is considered skilled when a trained professional must do it, because the care is changing frequently and needs professional assessment of efficacy or condition. The following “skilled services” are provided on the nursing units of Barnesville Hospital: wound care; intravenous therapy; sterile dressings; daily multiple injections; pain management; physical, speech, and occupational therapies which must be required on a daily basis.

Our professional staff of nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians, care managers and social worker take a team approach to patient care. They will work closely with you, your physician, and your family in providing you with the services and care you need and trust. Barnesville Hospital can provide any services a patient might require, including laboratory, radiology, and respiratory therapy. In addition, our team of therapists will do a home safety assessment and provide educational materials so that patients can more effectively manage a safe transition home after skilled stay. It is our goal to support educate, comfort, and treat patients, as well as families, to allow the patient to attain an optimal level of health.

Length of Stay

The skilled bed program is not devised as a permanent arrangement. Social Services will assist the patient and family in making appropriate discharge or transfer plans. Patients in a skilled bed usually stay less than 30 days; however, beginning on day 21, whether receiving skilled care at Barnesville Hospital or another skilled facility such as a nursing home, the patient will be responsible for a co-pay. A Financial Counselor is available to discuss payment options.

Method of Payment

The method of payment for skilled care is: Medicare and some commercial insurances. Skilled beds are not covered by Medicaid.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Our Rehabilitation Therapy department provides comprehensive and caring rehabilitation services to individuals of all ages. The scope of our service includes physical, occupational, and speech therapies, and our patients can benefit from the clinical excellence of our rehabilitation professionals from each of these disciplines. Our experienced and compassionate therapists work closely with the patient, the physician, and the patient’s family to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Each treatment protocol is determined only after thorough evaluation of each patient’s physical condition and discussion of his/her individual goals. Every attempt is then made to tailor the eventual outcome of therapy to the patient’s specific needs. Therapists also educate patients and/or caregivers about home treatment plans to maximize the benefits of therapy and improve chances for a sustained recovery of functions.

Services Provided

  • Neck and back pain
  • Rehabilitation of neck, back, or knee due to injury/surgery
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Work-related injury
  • Geriatric needs
  • Postural retraining
  • Gait analysis and training
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Wheelchair evaluation and specification
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Wound care/difficult to heal wounds
  • Hand therapy
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Adaptive equipment training
  • ADL training (feeding/bathing/dressing)
  • Swallowing rehabilitation
  • Speech, language, and cognitive therapy

Inpatient Services

Our inpatient services provide the optimal access to the most appropriate level of care. Therapy can begin while the patient is still in the early stages of the recovery process, and therefore enhance opportunities for maximal recovery.

Outpatient Services

Patients can also benefit from the clinical excellence of our outpatient rehabilitation professionals. Following a patient’s discharge from an acute care facility or by direct referral from a physician’s office, Barnesville Hospital offers comprehensive outpatient services to address the needs of patients requiring interdisciplinary care.

For More Information

To view the facilities or receive more information about the “Recover at Home” program, contact our Social Worker at 740-425-5112 or our Discharge Planner at 740-425-5155.