Social Services

The Social Work Department consists of a Social Worker and a discharge planning nurse. The social work office is located on the first floor near the North Nurses Station. The social worker or discharge planning nurse may be contacted via phone by either the Nursing or Floor Supervisor, should a problem, question, or crisis arise after-hours.


The Social Worker provides services for patients from newborn through geriatric. However, due to the average age of patients admitted, and the nature of the services provided, Social Services patients are primarily geriatric.


The Social Worker uses High-Risk Screening criteria to assist in the identification of patients. However, if you feel you could benefit from speaking with a social worker, please let the nursing staff know and the social worker will be notified.


Services provided by the Social Services department include:


Discharge Planning

Social Services provides coordinated discharge planning services to assist patients/families to develop appropriate and timely discharge plans, including, but not limited to, nursing home placement, rehabilitation placement, in-home services, durable medical equipment, and transportation.


Crisis Intervention/Supportive Counseling:

Social Service is available with any crisis situation necessitating immediate use of community resources, emotional support, or any services coordinated by the Department. Supportive Counseling is available for inpatients and is appropriate for terminal patients and their families, patients facing crisis situations, etc. Support, education, and crisis intervention may assist patients and families to better utilize their medical care appropriately.


Skilled Care Beds:

Whether you are a patient at Barnesville Hospital or a patient out of the area, if you require Skilled Care you can utilize the skilled care beds at Barnesville Hospital. Skilled care provides extensive 24 hour nursing care and rehabilitation services which are required due to illness or injury. Available therapies for skilled care include:

      • Nursing

      • Physical Therapy

      • Occupational Therapy

      • Speech Therapy

      • Nutritional

      • And other restorative therapies


Method of Payment includes:

  • Medicare

  • Insurance

  • Self Pay

  • Medicaid does not pay for skilled care.


To determine if you might be eligible please call the Discharge Planner 740-425-5155 or the Social Worker at 740-425-5112.



Social Services provides education regarding Advance Directives, insurance coverage, finances, stress management, and discharge plans regarding placement and community resources.